The Product and Benefits

Protection Against e-pickpocket thieves

Customized Memory Makers (combines customization and creating memories)


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Picture-Perfect Promotions (focuses on image and brand promotion)

We are confident in the effectiveness of our product. In the event that you experience any unauthorized RFID charges and your credit card company declines reimbursement, we will provide the necessary support.

Additionally, Scanner Guard Cards are patented and have undergone MET lab testing to ensure optimal protection.

In today’s world, unauthorized scanning of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled cards, such as ID cards, passports, and credit cards, is a growing concern. To address this issue, we have developed the Scanner Guard Card—a protective device that prevents unauthorized scanning and stops electronic pickpocketing and data theft. This device acts as a shield, blocking malicious scanners from reading the embedded chips in your cards.

Ideal for Personal and Corporate Gifts

  • Unleash the power of memories! The Scanner Guard Card is your key to creating unforgettable personalized gifts. Imagine a beautiful card, customized with photos, messages, or even a special brand logo. With our user-friendly website, anyone can easily design a stunning keepsake in minutes. Upload your favorite pictures, write a heartfelt message, and watch your vision come to life with vibrant, high-quality printing.
  • Gifts that last a lifetime! The Scanner Guard Card is more than just a card, it’s a cherished memory waiting to be shared. Whether it’s a birthday surprise for a loved one, a thank-you gift for a friend, or a way to showcase your brand, the Scanner Guard Card lets you personalize the experience and create something truly special.

Brand Like Never Before: Personalized Scanner Guard Cards for Businesses

The Scanner Guard Card’s customization feature isn’t just for personal gifting! Businesses and corporations can leverage this powerful tool to create a lasting brand presence. Imagine handing out loyalty cards, promotional materials, or even employee ID badges that are beautifully designed with your company logo and personalized messages. Our user-friendly website allows for easy customization, letting you incorporate brand elements and create a unique, memorable experience for your customers and employees. This fosters brand loyalty and recognition, making your company stand out from the crowd.

The premium market is worth $1.7 trillion, and you can tap into it now. Offer a product that captures this massive market, boosts your earnings, and enhances sales for your clients. What makes a premium valuable? It’s all about impressions. Unlike business cards that get lost or pens that are discarded, the Scanner Guard Card stays in your customer’s wallet, safeguarding their identity, money, and cards. Every time they use it, your message is front and center, creating lasting impressions. This means continuous exposure and lifetime advertising for your clients. Once they see the impact, they’ll want their message to shine every day. Whether it’s business, personal, or political, offer the Scanner Guard Card – the premium solution with a purpose.

Best Scanner Guard System

Proven to Work by MET Labs

The ScannerGuardCard® System has gone through some of the most stringent testing possible. Utilizing a RFID scanner – Model: R50 with a radio frequency 13.56 MHz, we placed the ScannerGuardCard®s inside a wallet and attempted to scan test credit cards. As you will see the RFID scanner was not able to scan the credit card data. Get 24 hour a day protection when you use the ScannerGuardCard® System.

Best Scanner Guard System

The ScannerGuardCard® is the size of a credit card that is designed to protect personal information stored on credit cards, debit cards, smartcards, RFID driver’s licenses and any other RFID Cards from e-pickpocket thieves using handheld RFID scanners. The ScannerGuardCard® is half as thick as a standard credit card so it will not increase the size of your wallet. It is very flexible and durable.

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